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Thursday, February 19, 2009

CNN-intervju med D'Aleo

Citat ur Lou Dobbs intervju med meteorologen Joseph D'Aleo som sändes i mitten av januari:

Q: President Obama is in the believer camp. Are you dismayed by that?

A: President Obama wants to decrease carbon-dioxide emissions in the United States by 80 percent by 2030. Let's say he got very aggressive about that in his first term. It would basically shut down our economy, because sufficient alternative-energy sources are just not there. Just the growth in the rest of the world would replace all the carbon we'd saved through very punitive measures on our own industry. We'd certainly not be a world leader anymore -- China and India would be. Our economy would have suffered a great deal of pain for no gain.

(Obamas ekonomiska tokerier har väl iofs kommit att bli mer än detta.)

Den artikel av D'Aleo som nämns i intervju-artikeln, Is Global Warming on the Wane?, kan rekommenderas och finns här. Har bl a en kurva på korrelation mellan havsoscillation PDO och AMO samt jordens temperatur.

Vill även nämna detta D'Aleo-citat, om global nedkylning:
...there's a concern right now that the sun might be going into one of its very long-term (cooling) cycles. We're looking very much like the early 1800s, a very cold period when Charles Dickens was writing his novels about the icy streets of London. We're heading back into that kind of mode, I think, where the sun and the ocean cycles are about to give us a couple of decades of cooler temperatures.

Klippet nedan är ett inslag i CNN där Dobbs uttalar sig bekymrat över klimatfrågan såsom "almost a religion". Ett föredömligt inslag!

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