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Friday, July 11, 2008

Text om klimatbluffens fallande slöja

Ett litet lästips bara.

Klipp ur en letter to the editor i OC Register, hävdandes att den slöja som skyddat klimatbluffen från insyn har börjat falla:

"[...] the average global temperature for the first six months of 2008 is lower than the global temperature average 20 years ago in 1988 when NASA's James Hansen warned Congress that global temperatures would rise significantly in the next 20 years if we didn't significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

He was flat out wrong. In his most recent appearance before Congress this June he chose not to remind them of his failed prediction.

The world's CO2 emissions have grown by about 10 billion metric tons per year since Hansen's 1988 appearance before Congress with about 85 percent of that increase coming from the world's developing nations. Further about 60 percent of the 10 billion metric ton emissions increase over the least 20 years has occurred since 2002 which marks the being of the continuing downward temperature trend in global temperatures.

Thus, the Earth's lower atmosphere is cooling off during the time period with the highest-ever recorded increases in global CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

This clearly and overwhelmingly supports that natural events in our atmosphere are controlling global temperatures and world climate and further that the belief that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are significantly controlling climate change is simply wrong.

Hela artikeln.

(Hat Tip: CO2 Sceptics)

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