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Monday, March 14, 2011

Their justification would not have survived peer review in any journal that I'm going to publish in

Detta sagt av Richard Muller, professor i fysik på Berkley, om Manns i Climategate-mejlen omtalade "hide the decline".

Klimatologen dr Judith Curry kommenterar detta här: http://bit.ly/fhKca7

Om en studie som Muller leder, "Berkeley Earth Surface Tempe rature" (BEST), här: http://www.berkeleyearth.org

Här är hela föreläsningen:

Via Luboš Motl.

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1 comment:

  1. Proven errors in the IPCC report

    Statements from the IPCC report below that have been proven wrong by properly peer revised scientific reports, and some statements have also been deliberately faked. There are most likely more to be found.

    1. Historical temp records deliberately showing higher increase than there was
    2. Global warming has not taken place as predicted
    3. How, or if, urban heat effects have been considered, has never been revealed
    4. Predicted increase of atmospheric temperature never occurred
    5. There have been a number of periods warmer than now
    6. Sea levels have not risen as predicted
    7. The Maldives shows any sign of being drowned
    8. Melting of the Himalayan glaciers has not taken place
    9. No increased melting of glaciers in general
    10. Predicted melting of the Greenland and polar ice highly exaggerated
    11. Desert areas have not increased
    12. Predicted spreading of malaria was unfounded
    13. There is not fossil fuel available to create predicted increase of CO2 in the atmosphere
    14. CO2 will not stay in the atmosphere anywhere near as long as stated.
    15. The predicted increase of storms due to increased temperature was wrong
    16. Release of methane will not take place as predicted
    17. Mathematical models are not good enough for predicting coming climate according to climate scientists

    Some very important background material has also been deliberately destroyed by the scientists behind the IPCC report.

    Is it really wise to base a whole world’s political decisions on a report with so many proven errors? It is not just one little error as claimed.

    For concentrated facts on the effect of CO2, don’t miss:



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