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Monday, December 7, 2009

Climategate tabloid news: Mann tries to get rid of Jones?

Is it possible that CNN here reports on how CRUminal Mann and Liss tries to make Phil Jones the only scapegoat of this story? Are we watching a tragedy where the Emperor without clothes -- Mann made global warming -- inevitably must die?

Sorry for these way too easy rhetorical questions.

I guess Phil Jones has been told to hide and be quiet to not disturb Copenhagen.


CNN's transcript:

ROBERTS: As you can imagine, this controversy has landed like a bomb at the University of East Anglia. As I said, this is one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world.

Now, people here are concerned that all of the research that has been generated out here may be suspect, at least in some peoples' minds, and it has taken an incredible toll on the director who stepped down, Professor Phil Jones. He is literally gone underground. There are dozens of request from media outlets here in the U.K. and around the world, including in the United States, to have an interview with him. We went looking for him yesterday and couldn't find him.

I asked -- I asked Doctor Liss yesterday just what kind of impact this has had on Jones. Here's what he said.


LISS: It's obviously -- it's not a nice thing to happen to you, because, as you see, it's his life's work. I think he's a very good scientist with huge international reputation, a very honest man.

The language is robust, but then I think scientists talking to scientists in what they thought was a private conversation, you know, we do speak robustly. We do express opinions about all sorts of things, and language -- well, as we see -- can be very misinterpreted.


ROBERTS: Scientists that I talked to -- including Dr. Liss and Michael Mann, back in the United States -- said if you take the e- mails -- most of the e-mails in context, that can you fully explain the language that was contained within them.

But they all agreed that one area that could be problematic for Phil Jones is the fact that he was trying to keep certain information out of the public purview. He had been inundated by dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests here in the U.K., which he was resisting. He also sent out an e-mail asking some of his colleagues to delete e- mails related to that information that they had sent in exchange between them.

So, if there's any problem for him, people here say that could be it. [...]

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