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Friday, October 16, 2009

Kort men innehållsrik film -- Climate Chains

Cascade Policy Institute i Oregon har släppt en vettig och bra 22-minuters film, Climate Chains.

Känns kanske lite som en trailer med monotont bakgrundsljud och växling mellan personer, men innehåll är bra. (En längre dokumentärfilm om environmentalismen och fattigas utveckling är Not Evil Just Wrong, som kan beställas uppe till vänster i bloggen.)

Climate Chains from Climate Chains on Vimeo.

Paul Ehrlich populations-bomb tas upp från 05:50.

Myron Ebell vid 07:35 :
"The Earth has been experienced a mild warming trend since probably the middle of the 19th century, when the planet started to come out of the little ice age, which lasted for about 300 or 400 years. The effects of this warming have been mild, mostly beneficial, and have caused human beings very little trouble. We have seen a flourishing of humanity."

Speakerröst vid 10 min:
"Climate change is the latest effort to put prosperity and personal freedom in chains. Climate legislation would create a commodity literally out of thin air, to be taxed, gained, and profited from. All on the expense of the consumer. The commoditization of carbon dioxide, and the creation of the Cap and Trade program is the newest in a long line of eco frauds."

Myron Ebell vid 11:33 :
"We’re being told that what we need is more government control of the economy, and that we need to move back towards that model of the government telling people how much energy they can use, which is exactly what the Soviet Union did and which not only incredibly poverty and low standard of living but led to this huge environmental horror."

I ett avsnitt från ca 14 min om hur näringslivet anpassar sig till politiken säger bl a Chris Horner att industrin...
"...respond the bad ideas with anything but '-How can I gain the system?."

Marlo Lewis om "ransoneringskuponger" i cap and trade, vid 15 min:
"We’re gonna make the effective industries bid on the coupons in an option system where -- guess what -- 85 percent of the coupons in the first couple of years are going for free to the industries that have the best lobbyists. That is a very dirty game that’s being played."

Speakerröst vid 18:40 i ett stycke om önskan att kontrollera ekonomi och människors val:
"Is it truly a scientific battle? Increasingly it appears to be an ideological struggle between forces that see human innovation and progress as unnatural, or undesirable, and those that see free markets as the answer."

(HT: I Love Carbon Dioxide)

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