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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama sprider myten om orkaner

1225cObamaScienceAdvisorUFSCOLOR.jpgNämnde kort i måndags -- i denna post med ett videoklipp med världsledande orkanexperten Chris Landsea -- den vanligt förekommande myten att global uppvärmning ger fler och/eller kraftigare orkaner.

Ser här att Obama de senaste veckorna spridit just myten om orkaner:

"During a town hall meeting prior to his primetime press conference Wednesday, the president offered a dire global weather forecast to mark his 100th day in office.

During the town hall a student asked, “I'm a fourth grader. I was curious, how is your administration planning to be more environmentally friendly?”

President Obama’s response started by making mention of the need for responsible environmental measures such as land and forest management. He said, “there's nothing wrong with us cutting down some trees for timber, as long as you make sure that it's done in a sequence and is spaced properly so that the forest itself is sustained.” He continued saying, “there's a balance that can be struck, and the key principle is sustainability.”

When his reply moved on to climate change, he issued a dire prediction saying, “You're now looking at huge, cataclysmic hurricanes, complete changes in weather patterns.”"

Läs allt här, nämnandes forskningsläge för orkaner och cykloner.

Uppdatering: I går skrev Alan Caruba i Canada Free Press...
"Just about everything Obama said is a flat-out lie."
...samt citerade presidenten:
"You’re now looking at huge, cataclysmic hurricanes, complete changes in weather patterns. Some places will get hotter, some places will get colder. Our economy would be disrupted by tens of trillions of dollars. So this is no joke. And the science shows that the planet is getting warmer faster than people expected."

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