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Friday, April 24, 2009

Klimatet, socialisters trojan

En ordförande i ett miljönätverk samt en nyckelperson i WWF med socialistreklam.


Linda MC Avan, chairperson of the Climate Change Network, MEP:

"Socialists in the European Parliament play key role on climate policy.

Last year, when we would negotiating the package of laws on climate change it was the socialist group which actually ensured there was majority in the European Parliament to get those laws through. The right wing groups in the parliament split, and so without the socialist group there wouldn’t be no deal on the climate package.

Now we preparing for the elections and we want as many socialists as possible re-elected, because we have a very crucial task ahead of us. That is to prepare the negotiations in Copenhagen to get at global deal now on climate change. [...] we put in place our package of legislation. We’d now got to persuade others to do the same. The Americans, the Australians, the Canadians, the big countries, China, Brazil, India, they have to come on board.

So we need socialists in the European Parliament, because you can’t rely on the other parties in Europe."

Stefan Singer, director of global energy policy at WWF:
"I strongly believe that the PES [the socialist group in the European Parliament] is a very important and fundamental part of having a credible, transparent, and ambitious climate and energy policy in Europe. In that respect I believe that the PES is a very important factor for the new Parliament, and of course a very important factor in the national parliaments of all 27 member states, and should stay there as a strong driver for clean energy, for strong international climate policy, and for solidarity with developing countries, because that’s what we need in Copenhagen and beyond [...]."

HT: The Daily Bayonet, Tom Nelson
Tillbakalänkar: Syndikalists/kommunists klimat-artikel i SDS
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