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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ny studie föreslår fortsatt påverkan från solen

En studie publicerad i maj i Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, "Evidence for solar forcing in variability of temperatures and pressures in Europe", av Jean-Louis Le Mouël, Elena Blanter, Mikhail Shnirman och Vincent Courtillot förefaller intressant.

Abstracten avslutas med följande stycke.

In concluding, we find increasingly strong evidence of a clear solar signature in a number of climatic indicators in Europe, strengthening the earlier conclusions of a study that included stations from the United States (Le Mouël et al., 2008). With the recent downturn of both solar activity and global temperatures, the debated correlations we suggested in Le Mouël et al. (2005), which appeared to stop in the 1980s, actually might extend to the present. The role of the Sun in global and regional climate change should be re-assessed and reasonable physical mechanisms are in sight.

Fullständig abstract och länk till studien på Climate Research News.

Har inte läst studien, men lär snart kommentera den eller referera till kommentarer.

Dessa forskare hade förresten för ett år sedan studien "Evidence for a solar signature in 20th-century temperature data from the USA and Europe" (PDF).


Igår sunmmerade CO2 Science forskning på solens klimatpåverkan i Europa, där man sammanfattade:
"In conclusion, as time progresses and paleoclimatic studies increase in both number and sophistication, ever more evidence is accumulating for the global reality of the solar-induced millennial-scale oscillation of climate that pervades both glacial and interglacial periods alike. As a result, the establishment of the Current Warm Period over the course of the past century is seen to be nothing more than the most recent manifestation of this ever-recurring phenomenon and, hence, is likely totally unrelated to the concurrent historical increase in the air's CO2 content."

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