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Monday, December 29, 2008

Förljugen annonsering om utsläppsrätter kritiseras

Pressmeddelande från Australien.

Dishonest Advertising on the ETS: AEF Media Release

GetUp’s global warming television ads (to air today) are dishonest and inaccurate, according to Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Chair of the Australian Environment Foundation.

“For all sorts of reasons a number of groups, of which Internet campaigners GetUp.org.au are one, are pretending that the Rudd Government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme is a minor 5 to15 percent adjustment to our way of life”.

“In fact, the government’s ETS will reduce the amount of energy available to every man; woman and child currently living in the country by an extraordinary 35 percent, absent the discovery and implementation of an unknown source of carbon free energy in the next ten years”.

Dr Marohasy said that this would be the equivalent of closing down all of Australia’s manufacturing and half its rural industries.

“Or thought of another way, it is the equivalent of closing 72% of our current power generation capacity (stationary power)”.


Läs allt här.

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