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Monday, November 17, 2008

Filmpremiär -- Not Evil Just Wrong


Not Evil Just Wrong -- The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria, är en ny film av irländarna Ann McElhinney och Phelim McAleer som kommer att premiärvisas kommande vecka på dokumentärfilmsfestivalen i Amsterdam.

Artikel i Irish Times.

Filmens hemsida.

Info från filmfestivalen:

In 2008 AD, climate change is a frightening theme. Are we really approaching the end? Scientists and politicians like Al Gore claim we should turn the switch now by cutting back on energy sources and spreading less toxic waste. 'We live in an age of fear, but humans have never lived longer or been healthier', the Irish filmmakers McElhinney and McAleer argue, who together with professors, scientists, media experts and politicians claim that we are taken for a ride. In the past decades, scientific proof of an imminent ice age repeatedly appeared, alternated with reports on global warming by man's doing. The film demonstrates that the same scientists proclaim both theories at different moments. It is also said that conservationists and scientists advance untruths as facts, with far-reaching consequences. One example is the ban on certain types of insecticides, like DDT, which is why malaria is rampant again in African countries. With interviews, newspaper articles, animations and archive footage, the filmmakers express criticism on prevailing conceptions about climate change and conservation movements.

För den som befinner sig i närheten visas den här:

Tuschinski 2, Fri 21/11 10:30
Tuschinski 2, Fri 21/11 10:30
Munt 12, Tue 25/11 20:00
Munt 10, Fri 28/11 19:30

(HT: An Honest Climate Debate)
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  1. Får hoppas att någon lägger ut den på Youtube eller Google Video snarast!


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